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Imagistic Ars Poetica

Imagistic Ars Poetica
Isa de Quesada


Poems climb the branches of trees

to reach the moon

and slip and slide

on iced ropes.


Poems dance on the white-wash of a beach

with black grains of sand

and fall and flip

on surfboards.


Poems whirl in the wind of the wide desert

with sporadic saguaros and ocotillos

and speed through highways and stop

on the hot concrete.


Poems bake in hot ovens

with pot pies and pot roasts


and cool to the touch

when one reads too much

into lines —

the mirage of the desert,

the washed away shore

the broken branch.


Welcome to Isa de Quesada Poetry

I wrote my first poem when I was 11:

Such a tree stands tall

So beautiful

Yet so all alone.


My poetic themes haven’t changed; I like to walk the fine line of interaction and solitude. My poems delve into the unspoken heard.